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Masud  is a Statistician, Gerontologist and a Human Right Activists who is currently working in Daffodil International University as Associate Professor and Head of Social Business Cell, Bureau of Business and Economic Research. He is an Adjunct Professor of Gerontology in the University of Dhaka. Passionate about Change, Social Media, Gerontology and Social Business– Masud is a Bangladeshi-born whole hearted teacher, researcher, mentor and public speaker. As a Member of the Child Rights Committee of the National Human Rights Commission Bangladesh he works for ensuring the rights of Older Persons and Children. He leads a young team namely Social Business Students Forum that is expanding its global footprint in Social Business movement through campaign, innovation and leadership.

Area Of Interest

Global Aging

Social Business

ICT for Change

Statistic and Beyond

Art of Living

Human Development

Masud is is the General Secretary of Ageing Support Forum Organizing Secretary of Bangladesh Gerontological Association the Associate Member of BAAIGM. He is engaged in various ageing research.

Masud worked in Yunus Centre as the Academic Advisor of Academic Campaign team. He is the Founder and Chief Advisor of Social Business Students forum. Masud is the inventor of Social Business Game.

Masud is in charge of Google Classroom education of Daffodil International University. He is one of the speakers of Bangladesh Summit Featuring Google for Education 2015.


As a statistician, Masud is a fan of data analysis. He is public speaker on issues like research, statistics, gerontology, ageing, social business and human rights.

Masud is the Instructor and promoter of Art of Living!

Human Development


Professional Experiences

  1. Associate Professor and Head, Social Business Cell, Faculty of Business and Economics, Daffodil International University, Dhaka.2.2. Adjunct 2.Professor of GGW Program, ISWR, University of Dhaka
    3. Member, Child Rights Committee National Human Rights Commission Bangladesh
    4. Academic Advisor of Social Business Campaign Team, Yunus Centre Dhaka.

Worked for International Labour Organization (ILO), World Confederation of Labour (WCL, Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), HelpAge International and Sir William Beveridge Foundation as a freelance Consultant.

Academic Qualifications

PhD(Ongoing) : Institute of Social Welfare and Research (ISWR), University of Dhaka.

Master of Gerontology - Institute of Social Welfare and Research (ISWR), University of Dhaka.
Master of Science in Statistics - Jahangirnagar University.
Bachelor of Science in Statistics - Jahangirnagar University.
Higher Secondary Certificate - Notre Dame College, Dhaka.
Secondary School Certificate - KGCP School, Gopalgonj

Research and Publications

Two books published from VDM Verlag Dr. Muller. Germany
One book chapter published from Routledge Publishing UK “Building Businesses In Emerging and Developing Countries: Challenges And Opportunities”
More than 35 national and International journal publications

Talks and Public Speaking

Spoke as an expert in Stephen A Zharislwasky Chair, Laval University Canada
Social Business Summit 2012 Vienna Austria
Social Business Forum in Asia 2013, Fukuoka, Japan
Social Business Summit 2013 in Kualalumpur Malaysia
Seminar on Child Labour and the Role of Teachers 2001 Mumbai India
International Conference On HIV & AIDS, 2010, Bangkok Thailand
Academia Report social Business Day 2013 Dhaka Bangladesh
Talk on Different print and electronic media

Membership Affiliation

1. Member of Child Rights committee, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)
2. Member of Bangladesh Statistical Society (BSS)and Statistical Alumni Association, Dhaka.
3. Member of the Bangladesh Association Advanced Studies (BAAS), BCSIR, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
4. General Secretary, Ageing Support Forum Bangladesh
5. Organizing Secretary, Bangladesh Gerontological Association ISWR, University of Dhaka

What I Love

Social Media
Cosmology (Space Research)

Research and Publication


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